Estate Liquidators by Nancy Leckron LLC

Estate Sale Information Sheet

First Things First!

  • It is our policy that the home must be vacated, before we begin the liquidation process.
  • Don’t throw anything away! There are collectors for nearly everything. Let us determine whether it is a sellable item or trash.
  • Secure the sentimental valuables. If possible, review the Last Will and Testament and Codicils to the will, or provide a list of specific items that will be inherited by the family. These items will not be included in the inventory, unless you request inclusion. Remember, if included and appraised we will receive a commission on the items.
  • Our estate service will organize, price and conduct the sale. The Estate will be responsible for the costs of advertising.
  • Our initial consultation is absolutely free. For Estates that require Probate, an inventory/appraisal fee is $175.00 per hour (Minimum of three hours) for a complete typed inventory, payable at the time service is rendered.
  • Our fee for an Estate Sale in Titusville is a minimum of $800.00 or thirty-five percent (35%) whichever is greater.
  • We will dispose of non-sellable items, isolate family photographs and other items we deem family heirlooms (i.e., baby shoes, bibles, genealogy, or other family history).
  • We request you name a charity of the estates choice to receive any leftovers from the sale. We will make all necessary arrangements and obtain a receipt for the estate.
  • Additionally, Water, Gas, and Electricity must be left on until after the sale is complete.
  • All contents of the home are considered part of the estate once the contract is signed. Items removed from the home after contract is signed will be treated as a sale. Items on the Not for Sale List are exempt.
  • We request you refrain from visiting the Estate during the Sale. Your presence interferes with potential buyer’s decision to purchase items or make offers.